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A gluino is the supersymmetric partner of the gluon. Gluinos are Majorana fermions and interact via the strong nuclear force as an octet of color. Gluinos have a lepton number 0, baryon number 0, and spin 1/2.

Gluinos are dominantly pair produced at a hadron collider. Gluinos decay via strong interaction to a squark and a quark provided that an appropriate mass relation is satisfied. The squark subsequently decays to another quark and the lightest supersymmetric particle, LSP, (which leaves the detector unseen). This means that a typical signal for a gluino at a hadron collider is four jets plus missing energy.

However if gluinos are lighter than squarks, 3-body decay of a gluino to a neutralino and a quark antiquark pair is kinematically accessible through an off-shell squark.

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