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Glyre is the eldest of the Shygym brothers. He is intelligent and able to use Systema fighting (fighting style used by the Russian Spetsnaz.) and a bit of kung fu. His facts are interesting, but are often useless. TL says he will play an important role in Assassin's Guild.

Glyre does NOT' like Nukid.


  • "You ALSO made a mistake--you got a guy who knows how to fight, Spetsnaz-style, MAD."
  • "Dang. That looked SO much easier in the movies..."
  • "Nukes, if I were you, I'd stop before I find myself on the ground with a sore chest."
  • "Look, if you mess with my brothers, you'll mess with ME."
  • "Did you know the Eight Trigrams is an ACTUAL martial art? Surprised? I don't blame ya."
  • "Wow. Thos Shaolin Monks have entire BODIES of steel..."

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