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Go, go Sonic... (2x)
Go, go, number one...
Go, go Sonic!
(1st Verse)
Something good is gonna happen today
Oh my my, hey hey hey!
Use your ears, use your eyes
Sonic is in for a big surprise!
On the road, behind the trees
Far away, where nobody sees
Lives an koala, Daikun by name
And Sonic is going to help him shine again!
Uncle Chuck, Sally, Antoine, and Silver too,
Knuckles, Ray, Tails coming through!
Sonic and Friends making Daikun brand new,
They're the really useful crew!
Go, go Sonic... Sonic number one! (2x)
(2nd verse)
Little by little, day by day
Oh my my, hey hey hey!
All the friends are helping him out
Now we get ready to shout it out!
(Repeat chorus)
Go go Sonic... Sonic number 1 (4x)

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