Attention! The discription below is based on fandom.

Go Daidramon is a black white priest super ultimate digimon.


Go Daidramon is a jogress digimon of Daidramon (Champion Mode) and Void Tyranomon. It is a holy digimon that houses all five elements.


Shiro - He is a young mischiefous boy.
Takeshi - He is smart and also very brave.
Maiko - She is a very tomboyish and energetic girl.
Hitoshi - He fights for what is right in his oppinion.
Chao - She is a very mysterious character.


  • Evolution Stage: Super Ultimate
  • Attribute: Data
  • Type: Elemental Priest
  • Elements: Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, Void


  • Go Dai Element
  • Elemental Summoning



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