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Sword Knight And Blade Knight Helps Meta Knight Having A Bad Dream And Help Meta Knight Falling Asleep.


Sword Knight

Blade Knight

Meta Knight

King Dedede(cameo)


Peach Narrator

Peach:Go To Sleep Meta Knight

Peach:One Midnight Sword & Blade Knight Can't Sleep

Sword Knight:(Whimpers)

Blade Knight:What's Wrong Sword Knight

Sword Knight; I Have A Bad Dream And Meta Knight Is Bad Dream Too

Peach:Meta Knight Is Crying Just In Sword Knight & Blade Knight Came In Meta Knight Tell Him What's Wrong

Meta Knight:(Crying)

Sword Knight:What's The Matter Meta Knight

Meta Knight: I Have A Bad Dream Too Sword Knight Im Scared (Crying)

Sword Knight:Hmmmmm I Have An Idea Would You Help Meta Knight To Sleep

Meta Knight:(Sniffles) Right Sword Knight

Sword Knight:Meta Knight

Meta Knight:What?

Sword Knight:How about A Counting Sheep That Make Meta Knight Fall Asleep

Meta Knight:Yes

Sword Knight:(Counting) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Meta Knight:(Yawns & Snores)

Peach:Meta Knight Is Sleeping

Blade Knight:Great Job Sword Knight Now Go Back To Bed Right Sword Knight

Sword Knight:(Snores)

Blade Knight:Sword Knight?

Peach:Blade Knight Snuggle Up Sword Knight Falling Asleep

Blade Knight;Yeah I Think Has Fall Asleep Too (Snores)

(All Snores)

Peach:Sword Knight Blade Knight & Meta Knight Is Asleep Everyone Is Asleep

(Scene Ends)

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