A God-Blood is a catch-all term used for people who have one or more non-human parents that are usually a spiritual being. There are an unknown amount of these God-Bloods throughout the world, and there are different kinds.


Beastmen are the mortal children of Lunar Exalted, and the most common of God-Bloods. Their beast side is usually the totem animal of one of their parents, and are dependent on the environment. They are capable of rational thought, though if they are bred for purposes, their intelligence can be limited, an example being the apemen under the command of Raksi, Queen of Fangs, in the East. In HQ's hometown of Icehome, wolfmen are especially common.


Element-Blooded are the children of Elementals. These Element-Blooded often have various elemental traits, such as the ability to manipulate the element they were born from, and can be mistaken for Dragon-Blooded.


Half-Castes are the children of Exalted in general, and often show the ability to wield the powers of the Exalted parent (or parents, if it is a product of two). Solar Half-Castes are called Golden Children, Lunar Half-Castes are called Moon-Born, Sidereal Half-Castes are called Star-Blessed, and Dragon-Blood Half-Castes are called Dragon-Touched. The children of Abyssals (if they exist) are called Shadewalkers.


Fae-Bloods are the children of human and Fair Folk. Uncommonly rare, the Fae-Blood have the ability to survive in Creation without having to return to the Wyld or a Tainted area. They are only found between unions of mortals and Raksha.


Demon-Bloods are the children of humans and demons, and are almost as rare as the Fae-Blooded. They usually carry some kind of demonic trait, and as such carry the powers of the demon parent.

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