A god (lower-case) is the generic class of things (or alleged things) which are said to be way more powerful and important than mere mortal human beings.  So in other words, a god is a conscious being (or person) who is supposed to have super-human powers, such as vastly superior intelligence, knowledge, strength, power, speed, and most likely is non-aging immortal (lives forever without growing "old", i.e. without getting "senile & decrepted") who has vast magical ability.  God (or "THE God"), on the other hand, if existent, is supposed to be the "ULTIMATE god", knower of all, the most powerful of all, quickest of all, with unlimited power, knowledge, intelligence, understanding, speed, immortality, and magical ability. Such a said-God is supposed to be the creator of all other gods, and thus of everything.  Many modern-day polytheistic systems are actually henotheistic, in that they acknowledge one god (or God) as being superior to and over all the rest, while nearly every monotheistic system throughout history (e.g. Zorasterianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Bahaiism) have insisted that only one god, THEIR God, exists and should be worshipped alone by everyone.

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