Many preists and believers have used the following argument to indicate that god exists:

God is Love and Love is God. You have love within you therefore, god exists.

The major problem with this argument is that if God = Love and Love = God then there is no need for a secondary term. Either God or Love should be kept and the other dropped.

God is not equal to Love. God (if it exists) might contain Love; however, we do not call a car a car seat because it contains car seats. Neither should we call god love if god contains love.

Additionally, the meaning of God is Love is dehumanizing. If god is love and love is god, only people who do not have love can not believe in god. People, in general have the belief that if you do not have the capacity for love you are not truly human. Therefore, people who do not believe in god are not fully human. Not only is it dehumanizing to atheists, agnostics, secular humanists and deists, but to all other religious people other than Christian. It is quite clear that God is Love means the Christian god. In sermons at churches for weddings it is a common occurrence for priests to talk about Christian Love and to elevate this love above the love that people have of other religions or certainly that paradoxical love that nontheists feel.

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