An illustration of Godred (Right) with Culdee (Left) from the Railway Series books

Godred was a character from The Railway Series. He was the Culdee Fell Railway's number 1 engine. He was named after a king. This made him conceited. He never kept a good look-out. Culdee warned him to be careful, as he would have an accident one day, but Godred ignored him and thought his automatic brakes would be enough to save him. One day, he fell down the mountain. thankfully, his coach stayed on the rails and was safely braked down the mountain, but he was very badly damaged from his fall. Because the manager didn't have enough money to mend him, he was sent to the back of the shed and his parts were used to mend the other engines. However, whether this really happened or not is debatable, since the narrator mentioned that Culdee made the story up.


  • Ertl Model


Godred was based on the Snowdon Mountain Railway's L.A.D.A.S., as they both suffered a similar fate.

Counterparts (Thomas Version)

Counterparts (Mountain Engines Version)

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