• Godzilla Jr. as Gumball
  • Minilla as Darwin
  • Mothra Larva as Anais
  • Mothra as Nicole
  • Gamera (from Gamera) as Richard
  • Robot Daughter (A Fanmade Bride Of Godzilla character) as Penny
  • Maguma (from Gorath) as Larry
  • Miclas (from Ultraman) as Tobias
  • Baby Godzilla as Banana Joe
  • Mechagodzilla as Bobert
  • King Ghidorah as Miss Simian
  • Godzilla as Principal Brown
  • Rodan as Mr. Small
  • Anguirus as Mr. Robinson
  • Destoroyah as Mrs. Robinson
  • Gomora (from Ultraman) as Tina
  • Baragon as Molly
  • Gigan as Sal Left Thumb
  • Kiryu as Hector
  • Varan as Alan
  • Gorosaurus as Rocky
  • Kamacuras and Kumonga as Eggheads
  • Hedorah as Masami
  • Eleking (from Ultraman) as Jamie
  • Manda as Carrie
  • Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah as Razor
  • Toto (from Gamera) as Donut Sheriff
  • SpaceGodzilla as Granny Jojo

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