Godzillacules is Twilight'sSpaceStar17's second movie-spoof of "Hercules"

Cast: (Do not edit!)

  • Baby Godzilla (Monster Island Buddies) as Baby Hercules
  • Teenage Godzilla (Monster Island Buddies) as Young Hercules
  • Godzilla (Monster Island Buddies) as Hercules
  • Frankie Stein (Monster High) as Megara
  • Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) as Philoctetes
  • Bullseye (Toy Story 2 & 3) as Baby Pegasus
  • Buck (Home on The Range) as Pegasus
  • Chase Young (Xiaolin Showdown/Xiaolin Chronicles) as Hades
  • Megalon and Gigan (Monster Island Buddies) as Pain and Panic
  • Rex (We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story) as Zeus
  • Momma Dino (Ice Age: Dawn of The Dinosaurs) as Hera
  • Aladdin as Amphitryon
  • Jasmine (Aladdin) as Alcmene
  • Abu (Aladdin) as Penelope
  • Pumbaa (The Lion King) as Hermes
  • Ruber (Quest for Camelot) as Nessus
  • Shadow (Xiaolin Chronicles), Sunset Shimmer (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls) and Whisp (Monster High: 13 Wishes) as The Fates
  • Mavis (Hotel Transylvania), Princess Yum Yum (The Thief and The Cobbler), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), Rapunzel (Tangled) and Kayley (Quest for Camelot) as The Muses
  • John Silver (Treasure Planet) as Demetrius the Pot Maker
  • Teenage Rodan (Monster Island Buddies) and Heath Burns (Monster High) as Boys with Frisbee
  • George, Ursula Scott, Ape, Magnolia and Dr. Witch (George of The Jungle 2007) as The People of Thebes
  • Young Tarzan (Tarzan) and Hogarth Hughes (The Iron Giant) as Pain and Panic as Boys
  • Dragon (Skunk Fu!) as The Hydra
  • Lord Hater (Wander Over Yonder) as The Painter
  • Applejack (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) as Pain and Panic as My Little Pony-Style Female Horse
  • Cinderblock (Teen Titans) as The Cyclops
  • Cy-Bugs (Wreck-It Ralph) as Rock Titan
  • Marshmallow (Frozen) as Ice Titan
  • Plasmus (Teen Titans) as Lava Titan
  • Didact (Halo 4) as Tornado Titan
  • Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy (Teen Titans/Teen Titans Go!), Monsters (Hotel Transylvania, Monster High, and Monster Island Buddies), Noble Team (Halo: Reach), Po and The Furious Five (Kung Fu Panda) and Dinosaurs (Dinosaur, and Walking With Dinosaurs) as The Gods
  • Chase Young's Jungle Cats (Xiaolin Showdown/Xiaolin Chronicles) as Cerberus the Three Headed Dog

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