Gogo Dodo Reacts to RWthefan's Story About Him

Gogo Dodo and his mother just read RWthefan's story about him throwing a tantrum. They were both angry about it because it portrayed Gogo Dodo as a spoiled cry baby, which he is not. Gogo Dodo wanted RWthefan to pay for this because RWthefan intentionally wrote that story to make him look bad. Later that night, Gogo Dodo fashioned a blade out of wood by chewing it and set off to RWthefan's house.

RWthefan: He he he, I just wrote my magnum opus for the scratchpad wiki and it will make Dr. Who look like a cry baby. All I have to do is submit it!

But before he could submit it, he heard a window break.

RWthefan: Who's there!

Gogo Dodo: You should know!

RWthefan: Oh no!

Gogo Dodo approaches RWthefan with his wooden blade in hand.

RWthefan: Look Gogo Dodo, I didn't mean it. Furball told me to write it, It was not my idea!

Gogo Dodo: Liar! Furball wouldn't do something this stupid. You made my family a laughing stock, and now I'm going to kill you!

RWthefan runs away, but hits a wall and falls on the floor. Gogo Dodo restrains RWthefan with rope. He then stabs RWthefan in the throat and decapitates him with the wooden blade, causing RWthefan to die within seconds. The police come, but Gogo Dodo got away before they arrived. He returns home at sunrise.

Gogo Dodo's Mother: So, did you get him?

Gogo Dodo: Yeah, I got him. He won't make anyone look bad ever again.

Gogo Dodo's Mother: Good. Now, I'm going to write a story on the scratchpad wiki to make him look bad.

After several weeks of going over evidence, the police case goes cold. Looks like the Birds got away with it!


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