The crew of the Spitfire warps to the Sagan Shipyards, deep within Skregg Territory. This is where the prototype ship is being constructed.

Zero orders the ship to stop just about 5,000 Mm away from the ship, then orders Aiden to open fire right in front of them. Aiden fires, but the Plasma bullet stops short.

A force field barrier is guarding the ship.

Zero orders Meatbag to scan the frequency of the forcefield. He does so, and it turns out to be 275,000 khz. Zero orders Meatbag to emit a radio frequency that could override the forcefield, and it works. The Spifire passes through and goes to capture the ship.

Aiden, seeing that he and his unit are still capable of combat, decides to lead the party that is to capture the ship. Zero tells Aiden to be careful.

Aiden then briefs his unit on what they are going to do once they are in the ship.

All right, listen up! We're gonna go in there, use our boom shticks on any Skregg we find, take their boom shticks, and then we're gonna capture this thing!
—Aiden briefs the troops

The troops then go to the ship on an APC. Once inside, he orders the troops to go in pairs and move across the ship. The troops secure the ship quickly, but Aiden is in a dogfight with a few Skregg. The troops rush to his aid, and successfully wipe out the Skregg.

But before the ship leaves, Aiden makes a tri to the science lab, and finds a lone Skregg, who turns out to be afraid of Aiden.

Give me one reason why I shouldn't use my boom shtick on you.
—Aiden threatens the Skregg scientist

The scientist says he doesn't want to fight, that e fears the human race. He explains that like the humans, not all Skregg are bad. Aiden calms down, and the scientist gives him access to all of the ship's information, and that the Skregg are developing a bioweapon that could kill billions.

This bioweapon has the strength to kill everyone on your world...Earth, was it?...and ten times over. I have no idea where it is being developed, but it is certainly out there somewhere.
—The Skregg scientist tells Aiden about the bioweapon

Aiden lets the scientist escape aboard a shuttle, and then gives the order to pilot the ship into Earth Empire space. They meet little resistance along the way home.

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