The Golden Age is that period of the Godtime when the sentient races enjoyed civilisation within great cities under the patronage of the gods.[Titan]p32 It is said that the weapons they made were purely for catching food, and the races learnt to harness the natural magic inherent in the earth of Titan. It is also said that during this period the effects of aging were nonexistent for this power of the God Time had not been released. Things grew from young to adult but did not deteriorate from that point on. The creations of Titan were not immune to death however. Although they did not age they could be killed by other creations or by forces nature (such as floods, volcanic eruptions etc.). However, this period came to an end with the First Battle of the Godswar.

Ages of Titan
Preceded by
time before the utopian cities had no ages
Golden Age Succeeded by

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