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Hello Everyone this is the Golden Gator Rocker Wiki.

Tony Fantano Summons you to Rock

Hello Everyone this is the Golden Gator Rocker Wiki. The point of this gathering is to combine the forces of rock and roll throughout the city of San Francisco. Once the rockers of San Francisco are connected the world will be next. Professor Marie Drennan from SFSU taught me the ways of the web in a class that I recommend to all: BECA 670

United in the Spirit of Rock

There is a community of students between the ages of seventeen and thirty that are united under a communal cause, and that is basically to just have fun. The community that I am talking about is loosely connected by text messages, late night phone calls and in most cases various Muni buses of San Francisco. All who strive to be included in the San Francisco Rocker community show a willingness to brace themselves for the harsh central California winds, a loose network of directions to musical filled residential units, and the passion to make any time a good time. The rockers I am talking about are nothing more than a huge network of friends. Even though the majority of this network does go to San Francisco State it is not limited to only the Golden Gators. Whomever has a passion to rock and the internal drive to find the party is welcome to get down with it.

History of Known Recent Golden Gator Rock Culture

The beginning of our history starts with the realization of an internal power struggle between the passion to create and the need to survive. It is a fire that burns deep within one's sense of being and is the fuel for ones manifestation on this plane we call earth. This is why we rock, because why the fuck not. The gift of creation is all about embracing that chance to live, enjoy, and get down. In the Fall of 2004 Tony Fantano made the northward journey in what he called the White Whale and moved into the San Francisco State University Science and Technology Theme Community Dormitory. Fore, Tony enrolled at SFSU with a mission to rock the socks off of San Francisco. In the Dormitory, Tony experienced cramped living quarters and he suffered from the true tragedy of not possessing a solid place to play music with an actual drum set. As his freshman year came to a close, Tony made the promise to himself that he would never live without a solid jam spot again. Thus was the birth of Fort Faxon which was originally called the Salmon Castle. Upon his return in the fall of 2005, Tony moved into an In-law apartment building at the corner of Faxon and Holloway Avenues directly up the street from SFSU. On the premises was a garage that had been previously inhabited by musicians. The Landlord usually lived in Oregonwhich made the house a perfect jam spot.

As Tony spent days jamming and trying out new bands, The Fucking Buckaroos were getting their start as a Folk Rock group out of San Francisco. Tony soon meet Ricky Pugh-the bassist for the Fucking Buckaroos on a surf adventure. Tony got to know The Fucking Buckaroos and saw their live performances. They would often play at house parties located right outside the SFSU campus in a wasteland or suburban sprawl right in the middle of a unique San Francisco. The house parties were raging and it was then that Tony realized the opportunity to make some heads roll, rock style.

In June of 2006,Ricky eventually moved into Fort Faxon along with the Fucking Buckaroo's Drummer Andy Appleton. While Tony was off in Europe, Andy and Ricky got busy pushing The Fucking Buckaroos and playing shows all over California. They began to set up shows inside the infamous Fort Faxon Garage. They would invite people over to watch and party to the music. When Tony returned, he Ricky and Andy formed a band named Tatanka Iyotake, after the famous native warrior Sitting Bull. The Fucking Buckaroos and upcoming band Red Medicine, would often play shows at Fort Faxon. Once Tatanka Iyotake got going, everything started rolling there were house shows going on almost every weekend. Not just at Fort Faxon but at other homes in San Francisco. Loyal Golden Gator rock patrons started offering up their homes in the spirit of Rock and getting down to do the damned thing. Sam Carr or Tatanka Iyotake's Drummer is part of another band named Invisible Arms. Tony meet with Invisible Arms and they have been promoting, playing in, and solidifying the Golden Gator Rock Culture as I know it. Invisible Arms and their close friend Kevin possess a true passion in a fortified belief for the creation and manifestation of great rock and roll in San Francisco. The sky is our limit.

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