This part of the jumpweb was taken over by the race of A.I. robots called Golems after their creators the Progenitors died off in a genocidal intraracial civil war by 10,000 B.R. (over 13,000 years before the present age). The Golems continued to control this portion of space during the time of the Jumpweb of the Known Universe and up to the present time in the Jumpweb of the New Universe. Along with the United Republic of Earth in the New Universe, the Horoko Empire, the Independent Horsehead Empire, the corporations of the Interplanetary Merchant League in the New Universe and the Corporate Sector, and organized religions like the Church of the True God of the Unconquered Sun, the United God Movement in the New Universe, and the Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun in the New Universe, the Golems remain one of the major powers to reckon with

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