Golems are the race of A.I. robots created by the now-extinct Progenitors. "Golem" is a name granted by humans. The Golems call themselves Karahola, or "machine people". The Golems were created by one of the two rival factions in the intraracial civil war that killed off the Progenitors in order to kill the other faction. After the Progenitors killed themselves into extinction, the Golems decided to maintain the remnants of the Progenitor civilization in the period from 5000 to 10,000 B.R. (8000 to 13,000 years before the present time). The Golems are made of a purple metal, stand an average of eight feet tall, and have two legs and four arms. Click here to return to Jumpweb of the Known Universe main page. There are large population of Vilaki, variant human races, Arvi, Kao Tun, Rikiari, and Keiki living in Golem space. There are also Horseheads outside the Horsehead Empire living under Golem rule. The Progenitor-created robots permit their subject populations a wide degree of local self-government, though they have to serve in the Golems military forces from time to time, especially to deal with aggression by the Horsehead Empire, Mantis Lords, and the more rogue Arvi space nomads.

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