Good Times With Weapons is a Season 3 episode of Railway Park - Featuring Skarloey and Peter Sam.


Skarloey, Peter Sam, James and Dennis fight a villian as anime forms, and Dennis hits it with his weapons, and it's Diesel! And Diesel's got the shrunkin stuck to his eye! It's up to the engines to help Diesel get his eye unstuck.


  • James - Cartman
  • Peter Sam - Kyle
  • Skarloey - Stan
  • Dennis - Kenny
  • Diesel - Butters
  • Duke - Craig
  • Rusty - Clyde
  • Ivo Hugh - Token
  • Rheneas - Jimmy
  • Inspector - Roger
  • Mavis - Linda Stotch
  • Mr. Percival - Mr. Garrison
  • Stationmaster - Auction Baker
  • Thomas - Randy Marsh
  • Duck - Gerald Broflovski
  • Molly - Shelia Broflovski
  • Lady Hatt - Major McDaniels/Nurse
  • Gremlin - Dog 1, Dog 2 and Dog 3
  • Toad - Skeeter
  • Driver - Announcer, singer
  • The People of Sodor - Townspeople
  • Workman 1 - Dr. Doctor
  • Stanley - Veterinarian
  • Donald/Douglas - Assistant


  • Dennis: (muffled) Yeah! Take this, Professor Old Stuck Up! (shows off an eight-pointed shrunkin) Feel my warth! (unleashes the shrunkin, and it strikes Diesel in the eye. Diesel's horn blasts, sending him crashing into the coal cars. The music stops and the engines are shown in regular form. Diesel looks at the engines and bawls)
  • James: Bust my boilers!
  • Skarloey: (he and Peter Sam rush over to Diesel) It's Diesel. Oh my god! (the engines gather around Diesel) Oh, god! It's stuck in his eye!
  • Peter Sam: What the barnacles did you do that for, Dennis?
  • Dennis: (muffled) I just threw it like Skarloey asked me.
  • Diesel: It hurts! It hurts! (continues brawling)
  • Peter Sam: Oh man, we're in seriously trouble!
  • Skarloey: (tries to soothe Diesel) Ssh, sshhhh. It's okay, Diesel. Calm down. It's not that bad, really.
  • Diesel: (catching his breath) But I... But I... But I can't see nothing. I gotta go to the works!

  • Diesel: (wandering on stage) Grrrrrr... Grrrrrr... (babbles some more and derails again)
  • Mavis: Diesel!!
  • Thomas: What happened to him?
  • Molly: Oh my god!
  • Skarloey: Ohhh god!
  • Peter Sam: Oh man, we are gonna get it now.

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