Good vs Evil is the postponed 2014 3D movie.


An good woman comes across an cheese, soon the cheese is in control and Ariel has to stop it.


Shaketa Clarace Rice as Ariel (Charectar)/Maria, an cheese that turns into a human and takes control of Ariel.

Barry as Marty Janksons.

Naveen as Wallace Jankons.

By: Roc.


After Roc had just finished Once Upon a Time he thought of Ms. Paulen changing. Afterwards he planned Good vs Evil. The idea came from Shadow a blacken'd version of Peter Pan.  Roc thought that if Good vs Evil was made he'd have Ms. Paulen play in the movie. The movie was originally titled The CheeseWoman.   Just before production,  Ms. Paulen was chosen for the role of Maria.   She and Layla  were'nt both prepared for their roles on the next day (In Roc's mind). Alex the Lion was still looking forward to the movie being made.   The movie was cancelled because of Roc drawing creepy looking scenes for the movie. Ms. Paulen was replaced. Ms. Joanne was chosen to play Maria and Kyel would've played Ariel. So Roc replied 2014 would be best for the release. On July 25th, 2013 Roc annouced that Good vs Evil would be in production on December 21st, through December 30th, 2013. He also annouced he'd release the movie January 2nd, 2014. Iesha was then chosen for the role of Maria then replaced. Layla was still consider'd to play Maria. On August 3rd, 2013 Good vs Evil was made and Shaketa Clarace Rice played both Ariel and the cheese.  Good vs Evil will be released on Augus 9th, 2013. The cheese was credited as itself. Layla will play Ariel's daughter in the second movie. The movie is simmilar to Spiderman.

By: Roc. 

In the real version Shaketa will play Maria and Kyel will play  Ariel.


A sequel called Good vs Evil 2 will be made on December 21st, through December 30th, 2014 and it's release is for January 2nd, 2014.   Shaketa Clarece Rice will play Ariel again and she'll play Maria also. Barry and Naveen will play Marty and Jake Wallace again. Layla will star as Ariel's daughter a girl who helps Ariel, Marty and Jake defeat Maria again. The story: Maria returns but this time she's separated. Ariel has to destroy Maria.

By: Roc.

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