Good vs Evil 2 is a movie and the sequel to Good vs Evil.  It's directed by Roc. Shaketa Clarece Rice starred as Ariel again and plays Maria in the costume form. Ms. Joanne voiced Maria. Barry and Naveen played Jake and Bill Wallace. Azriel Henderson plays Ariel's daughter Chelsey. The movie will be filmed from December 21st, 2013 to December 27th, 2013. The movie will be released on March 21st, 2014. 


Ariel's  unusual personality returns to her and tries to control Ariel again. 

By: Roc.


Ariel has a daughter named Chelsey. She has'nt seen Maria throughtout 2014. In 2037 Ariel is in college. At lunch Ariel is being deguise'd as Maria again. Maria scares Leah and her friends. At home Naveen plays with Chelsey. Maria arrives at her house, lifting the door and the Mrrior. Bill ask's what he and Jake should do to defeat Maria. Maria says she'd be melted again.   Bill suggest's that Jake thinks hard of what he should do to melt Maria. He suggest's to melt her with ice. When they arrive home. Jake puts brown paint in the bowl, mixe's it with White paint and boils it with water turning into ice. Maria tries punching Chelsey but is strik'd by Ariel. The ice is pour'd on Maria. She is melted again. Leah's paint goes from her stomach, back and moves around her face and chin. Leah is clueless of what's happening to her. She looks in the mirrior and see's her reflection as light brown. She's happy and before she goes to Ariel's house she puts Angie into a milk can. 

By: Roc.


Shaketa Clarece as Ariel/Maria (body suit).

Ms. Joanne as Maria's voice.

Barry as Jake Jankons.

Naveen as Bill Jankons.

By: Roc.


Production on August 14th, 2013. It's not done yet what's next is the visual effects and final layout.

By: Roc.

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