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On October 30, 2001 the Goose Nest Message Board was born. Originally a home for wrestling fans from the defunct Absolute Wrestling website, the Nest evolved over the years and now caters for all forms of sports and entertainment. Our threads range from the serious to the seriously ludicrous.

Since its inception The Nest has amassed over 350,000 posts. People from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and even Japan have become members of the Nest to take part in discussions ranging from sports to literature and everything in between. This is a website created for people that like to chat about anything and everything. Serious debates to the utmost sarcastic responses are welcome and encouraged. There are no boundaries the Nest is afraid to tackle.

Some of our defining moments have come through complete flukes, whether through something being misspelled or something being said in the infamous chat room. The Goose Nest is known for the building Internet friendships and relationships. No we're not a dating service, we're just fans of various subjects and like to view and discuss them while finding out how other people think and feel about the same topics.

As with all online communities the Nest hast had its ups and downs throughout the last five years, but through everything we have faced as a group, we have learned that there is no better place to hang on the Internet then the Nest. If you don't have a funny bone this board and community might not be the one for you.

As of August 2007 Goose Nest has had over 230 registered members spanning from their days at ezboard, Invsion Free and currently at phpbb.

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