Gordon meets a new female tender engine.

  • James (cameo)
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Gordon
  • Chelsea
  • Henry (doesn't speak)
  • Spencer (cameo)
  • Bear (doesn't speak)
  • James
  • Gordon's driver
  • Gordon's fireman
  • Chelsea's driver
  • Thomas
  • Charlie
  • Emily
  • Duck
  • the guard (doesn't speak)

Narrator: It was a beautiful day on Sodor and the engines are bussier than ever. One day, Gordon was going to Knapford and Sir Topham Hatt was at the station platform with a LNER Gresley K3 tender engine.

Sir Topham Hatt: Gordon, this is Chelsea and I want you to help her with the express.

Narrator: Then Gordon was coupled to the coaches and Chelsea went in front. Gordon tried not to be cross. They puffed thorugh Wellstworth station and went up to Gordon's hill.

Gordon: We'll be earlier at the works station. When they got there, Sir Topham Hatt was proud of them.

Chelsea: Thank you for helping me with the express.

Gordon: You're welcome, Chelsea, all though the other engines didn't know about you and I'll go tell them about you.

Narrator: Gordon went to the sheds to tell the other engines.

Thomas: A new engine, is she like a tank engine, like me?

Duck: Is she great western?

Emily: Is the new engine a diesel because I don't like diesels.

James: Or is she red?

Narrator: gordon laughed.

Gordon: She's kind've like me but she's green.

Narrator: Every day Chelsea will pull the express. Gordon, James, Henry, Spencer or Bear had to help her. But one day, her driver was ill and she can't pull the express. It started to rain and Chelsea's driver lives near Edward's station. Gordon had to pull the Wild Nor Wester to London.

Gordon's driver: Come on Gordon, Chelsea can't help you today. We have to take the Wild Nor Wester alone.

Narrator: Gordon was coupled to his train and they set off.

Gordon's Driver: Let's get a good run at the hill.

Narrator: They never got that far. Gordon's driver saw something strange.

Gordon's Driver: Uh oh look at that.

Narrator: The fireman came across the cab.

Gordon's fireman: something's wrong there.

Narrator: Hanging and flapping from Chelsea's cab looked a lot like a large red flag. Chelsea was in a siding near the station

Gordon's driver: Chelsea's driver needs help I think.

Narrator: He put on the brakes and Gordon stopped gently. The guard came walking on the ballast and came up to Gordon's driver and he pointed to the flag.

Gordon's driver: See if a doctor's on the train and ask him to go to Chelsea's cab. Then walk to the station and telliphone The Big station we've stopped.

Narrator: 2 passengers left the train and the fireman came to see the line was clear in front and then he returned.

Gordon's driver: We'll go back to the big station so we can get a good run at the hill.

Gordon's Fireman: We can't get up the hill, come and see what's happened.

Narrator: They walked around the bend.

Gordon's driver: Jiminy Christmas look at that! go back to the train, I'm going to the cab.

Narrator: He found the doctor with Chelsea's driver.

Chelsea's driver: Sill of me to faint, you saw the red apron, your all safe?

Gordon's Driver: Yes, there was a big tree blocking the line, doctor. Chelsea's driver saw it from the cab and stopped us.

Chelsea: God bless you driver.

Narrator: They cleared the line by 4th of July Gordon puffed in with the express with Sir topham hatt to Edward's station. He went up to Chelsea's driver. He gave him a new cooking apron replasing his old one and gave him slippers.

Sir Topham Hatt: I hope you have a good 4th of July and Chelsea, I hope you have a good one too.

Chelsea: Thank you sir and thank you Gordon.

Gordon: There's nothing like a friend in need.


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