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Here's the If Thomas were thing made by GordonLover04.

Super Mario Bros

  • Thomas as Mario
  • Edward as Luigi
  • Percy as Yoshi
  • Spencer as Bowser
  • Gordon as Wario
  • Diesel as Waluigi
  • Emily as Peach
  • Molly as Daisy
  • Duck as Toad
  • Oliver as Toadsworth
  • Henry as Donkey Kong
  • James as Diddy Kong


  • Thomas would save Emily from Spencer.
  • Edward would be Thomas' brother.
  • Percy would be Thomas and Edward's friend.
  • Spencer would be Thomas' arch enemy.
  • Gordon would be Thomas' arrival.
  • Diesel would be Edward's arrival.
  • Emily would be Thomas' girlfriend.
  • Molly would be Edward's girlfriend.
  • Duck would be Thomas and Edward's helper.
  • Oliver would be Emily's grandfather.
  • Henry would be big.
  • James would be Henry's buddy.

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