This is part 2 of my first fanmade Thomas movie.

Transcript (only made by Gordonfan)

  • Narrator: That night, Gordon told the other engines about rescuing Spencer and about how Sir Topham Hatt said about going to the mainland to get supplies.
  • James: Wow Gordon! A daring rescue like was sure to pay off.
  • Thomas: Maybe you'll go be the Wellsworth Railway.
  • Gordon: What's that?
  • Narrator: Thomas told Gordon and the others about what Spencer said about the Wellsworth Railway.

My Comments

  • ThomasandDuckFan: What did you use for the chain to the steamboat?
  • Gordonfan: I used string.
  • ThomasandOliverFan: What expression did you use?
  • Gordonfan: Pierce Brosnan. Because I sounded like him.
  • ThomasandOliverFan: Yeah.
  • ThomasandFriendsUS: I like the part where Gordon crosses the Shaky Shaky Bridge.

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