Gordon Falls Down in The Water is A Episode from Thomas and TUGS.


  • Gordon
  • Duck
  • Spencer
  • Rosie
  • Victor
  • Warrior
  • Grampus
  • The Fat Controller
  • Annie and Clarabel (Do Not Speak)
  • Thomas (Cameo)
  • Mavis (Cameo)
  • Lord Stinker (VHS Minor Role)

Story So Far

Gordon is a Bossy Bolier on Sodor and The Bigg City Port. He Felled In A Ditch Long Time Ago. One Day He Was Sulking In The Shed. Just Then Duck Arrived. Quack Quack Hello Bossy Bolier said Duck. WTF DO YOU WANT said Gordon. Just I'm Gonna Shunt Some Trucks said Duck and Steamed Away. Gordon is SO Grumpy he was to Tell The Fat Controller About Gordon Falling Into A Ditch from A Long Time Ago. He Steamed Out Of Tidmouth and Arrived At The Bigg City Port. He Saw Warrior. Warrior, The Fat Controller thinks I've Falled In A Ditch in 1984. He Said Angryliy. Goodbye Bossy Bolier Said Warrior and The Barged Away. Gordon Was SO CROSS HE CAN'T BE HAPPY AND HE WANTED TO BE GRUMPY INSTEAD OF BEING HAPPY. I Won't Let Duck Run From Me.



On The VHS Tape of Thomas and TUGS. Gordon Said. I Can't Be Happy. On The UK Tape. Duck Said. Quack Quack Quack 3 times. And Said Hello to Gordon.


On DVD Gordon has Duck's Angry Face.

more coming soon

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