Gordon in the Sea is a fanmade Thomas and Friends Season 3 episode made by SuperMalechi. It aired in April 3, 1993.


Arthur has been given a special job to do, to work with Edward for a week, and Gordon is to take some fish cars to the Harbour. Arthur is pleased, but Gordon isn't. Gordon hates fish. While Gordon is grumbling and shunting fish cars, he is accidentally switched to the end of the quay and slithers down to the sea, and is covered in sea weed. Later, Arthur is to take the fish cars to the Haurbor station. After that, Gordon is lifted out and taken to the works by Edward. On the way, Sir Topham Hatt scolds Gordon for his foolishness and makes him pull freight cars for month, while Arthur is rewarded to have fish cars as his favorite job.


  • Gordon
  • Arthur
  • Edward
  • Thomas
  • BoCo
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Freight Cars


  • US Narrator: Ringo Starr.
  • UK Narrator: Michael Angelis.
  • The Season 4 musical arrangements and sound effects are used.



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