Narrator: Now the magic of Walt Disney's lovable talking pig comes right off the movie screen and into your home, with a very special collection of cuddly plush toys.

(Clips: Gordy)

Man: It's them. 

Narrator: Gordy and his barnyard buddies are the perfect companions to join you while watching the amazing adventures of America's Funniest New Hero. Share'em with friends, collect'em for fun, and squeeze'em for one big surprise. Now you can buy Gordy or any one of his six barnyard pals for $9.95, or any three for $19.95, or collect all seven for only $34.95. Call 1-800-HERO PIG to order a barnyard of fun with Gordy, Richard the Rooster, Dorothy the Cow, Roscoe the Pony, Happy the Puppy, Kandi the Kitten, and Dizzy the Duck. And for more fun, get these official Gordy T-shirts, sweatshirts, and sporty caps. Call 1-800 HERO PIG now.

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