Meaning: Gorgon's Arch
Creature type: Therapsid reptile


Time Period: Permian
Locality: Africa
Family: Gorgonopsidae
Related species: Lycaenops

Gorgonops was a largest predator around in its time.

Although Gorgonops was a reptile, it was also closely related to the mammals. It is a mammal-like reptiles, reptiles that evolved into mammals. This can be told by the varieties of teeth found in mammals (molars, canines and incisors) that are also found in these special reptiles.

Gorgonops also had its legs tucked under its body to support its weight when moving about. Most reptiles walk at a sprawling gait, like lizards, but others walked upright like Gorgonops and the Dinosaurs.

Gorgonops was the first creature to evolve proper sabre teeth. This is also a link to the mammals, and sabre-tooth cats (Smilodon) can trace their ancestry back to Gorgonops.

Gorgonops was a gorgonopsid, sleek wolf-like predators that ruled the late Permian. Some were small and dog-sized, while others like Gorgonops were large. Gorgonopsids hunted in packs to bring down bigger creatures, but weren't successful enough to survive the Permian extinction.

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