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Issue: Gotham Knights #46
Subtitle: Scared Straight
Date: December 2003
Feature Characters: Batman, Nightwing, Robin III, Batgirl III
Supporting Characters: Alfred Pennyworth
Villians: Val Kaliban, Steeljacket, KGBeast, Johnny La Monica
Guest Appearances: Bane
Other Characters: Conover, Kazu, Brenda Bronstein, Bobby

Bruce, Dick, Cassandra, and Tim discussed Val Kaliban, the Spook - a criminal Batman and Robin had put in jail 8 years before. He is being granted parole after eight years in Blackgate, which is a surprise to many, as they had expected him to escape. The Bat Family followed him around to make sure he stayed clean. After suffering a run-in with Nightwing and Robin while stealing cash from a bank teller, then experiencing a near mob abduction from which he was saved by Batgirl who gave him a tape of her fighting abilities he turned himself in for a crime he'd not committed believing that he was better off in Blackgate then facing the temptations of the 'outside'.

Gotham city is just another jail, Johnny. More metal and concrete to contain you. And the guards are always watching.
—The Spook (Val Kailiban)

Subtitle: Urban Renewal
Feature Characters: Daniel McKinley
Supporting Characters: N/A
Villians: N/A
Guest Appearances: N/A
Other Characters: Mr. Orostin, Batman

Daniel McKinley is researching a book on some of the old kitsch architecture of Gotham City, the giant type-writers and such, but can find no-one who will publish a book on this topic. He is about to give up when he gets a letter from Wayn Enterprises Signal Publishing who wish to publish his book. This book had reminded Batman of some happy memories, even imploring him to take the 1955 batmobile out for a spin (fans will also note a partial appearance of the 'Keatonmobile' batmobile from the 1989 Batman movie and 1992 Batman Returns movie).

Gotham Knights 46

- Scott Beatty
- Will Pfeifer

- Roger Robinson, John Floyd
- Brent Anderson

- Birds of Prey #61
- Batgirl #51
- Batgirl #52
- Gotham Knights #46
- Gotham Knights #47
- Gotham Knights #48
- Gotham Knights #49

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