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Issue: Gotham Knights #47
Subtitle: Veritas Liberat chapter one: King of the Mountain
Date: January 2004
Feature Characters: Batman, Robin III, Nightwing
Supporting Characters: Alfred Pennyworth, Leslie Tompkins
Villians: King Snake, Bane
Guest Appearances: Warp, Pix, Ventriloquist and Scarface
Other Characters:Kobra


Bane, promising to change, left Dr. Thompkins' clinic in search of his father - Sir Edmond Dorrance. Much later, Alfred realized his signal had gone offline and informed Batman. Batman called in Leslie, Alfred, Dick, and Tim to talk about the situation. Realizing his last signal came from a key line, Bruce thought Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins may be involved. Since he parted ways with Batman, Bane has captured a number of criminals and persuaded Pix to remain on the straight and narrow. Now he is at the site of a Lazarus pit and Kobra stronghold which Robin discovered some time ago, and it is here that he encounters his father.

Subtitle: Riddle Me This
Feature Characters: Batman, The Riddler
Supporting Characters: N/A
Villians: N/A
Guest Appearances: Robin I, Batgirl I
Other Characters: N/A

A montage of Batman's encounters with the Riddler supported by riddles and their answers.

Gotham Knights 47

- Scott Beatty
- Judd Winnick

- Roger Robinson, John Floyd
- Whilce Portacio, Sal Regla

- Batgirl #51
- Batgirl #52
- Gotham Knights #46
- Gotham Knights #47
- Gotham Knights #48
- Gotham Knights #49
- City of Light 1/8

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