The government of the Imperium of the Terran Throne is officially headed by a human monarch who sits on the Terran Throne from his palace in New York City on Earth. The ruler of the Imperium is officially titled the First Citizen, and when he dies, resigns, or is deposed from his throne due to criminal misconduct or to physical or mental incapacity (with the deposal of the First Citizen for crimes or disabilities by three-fifths vote of the Imperial Senate), a new First Citizen is cloned from the DNA of the previous occupant of the Terran Throne. The First Citizen has the power to appoint the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Guard and the Secretary-General of the Civilian Ministry, though both can be deposed by the vote of the Imperial Senate for physical or mental incompetence or for criminal misconduct.

The First Citizen is aided in his rule of the Imperium by the Imperial Senate, with senators mostly human, but also including a few chimeras (cloned animal-human hybrids) and A.I. machines for nominal diversity. The Imperial Senate is appointed by the ruling First Citizen, but senators can only be removed by three-fourths of the Senate or by simple majority in cases of criminal misconduct.

The First Citizen and Imperial Senate can proclaim decrees and pass bills, respectively, that have the force of law, but both can veto the decrees/bills of the other.

The Imperium of the Terran Throne includes a military force, the Imperial Guard, that has infantry, artillery, naval (water), aerial (in atmosphere) and space forces (the last being labeled the Imperial Fleet). Soldiers of the Imperial Guard can be humans (often clones), chimeras, and robots/computers (not always having A.I. or the capability for self-mobility).

Most of the functions of the government of the Imperium is in the hands of the Civilian Ministry, which controls the civilian police, the courts of law, the collection of taxes, the creation of currency (mostly electronic credits but also includind gold and silver coins), public education, and almost anything else the government of the Imperium is required to handle.

The Imperium is divided into Imperial Provinces, including on-Earth provinces (Western and Eastern Hemispheres), and the off-Earth provonces (near-Earth orbit, Luna, Mars, the Inner Solar System, the Outer Solar System, Bernard's Star, and Alpha Centauri).

Each province has four governors, with one each appointed by the First Citizen, Imperial Senate, Imperial Guard, and Civilian Ministry.

The government headed by the Terran Throne generally respects civil rights, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, equal rights for humans (clones and natural-born alike), A.I. machines, and chimeras alike, etc., though some humans are prejudiced against A.I. machines and chimeras, and some A.I. computers and robots consider organic sentients (humans and chimeras alike) to be inferior. Occasionally, freedoms of speech and of religion are restricted during wartime or for security reasons.

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