Grad Application Process

Please share information about the process here! Let us know when you received contact about admission, rejection, financial aid, etc. If you were accepted and have financial aid information, please include that as well.

Please use the following format: University - Program - Degree - Date of occurrence - Contact

Ex. X University - Computer Science - MS - Jan 21, 2006 - Accepted with full FA (tuition + $10K, both years, TA)

Don't forget the year - that will be important if this wiki lasts more than one year! Please alphabetize by university name and bold the university as well. If this progresses to a regular wiki, we can give different programs their own pages. Thanks!

Tufts - History - MA - March 2007 - Accepted with full tuition and partial TA

UMass-Amherst - History - MA - March 2007 - Accepted, told funding decisions would be forwarded. No information forwarded. I requested info, told it was running behind schedule. Never received funding information one way or another

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