Grad Programs to Hate

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Grad Programs to Hate

Here's where you list the programs that could do with some improvement. If you have some serious issues with your department culture, organization, etc. - please let us know! If the faculty is always fighting, if the advisors don't have time for you, if too many students fail comps or defenses, if it is impossible to get to the defense...tell us! However, be specific!

Please use the following format: University - Program - Degree - Dates in Program - Experiences

Ex. X University - English Lit (Comparative) - PhD - 2000-2006 - Etc.

Also, please alphabetize by university name and bold the university name. If this progresses to a regular wiki, we can give each program its own page. Thanks!

UMass-Amherst - History - MA - 2007 - Hate is a bit strong. The people were nice enough. But they never came through with any information about departmental aid. They told me decisions would be made later, then I contacted when I hadn't heard. I was told they were taking longer than expected and I would be contacted. Never heard a thing. Very frustrating!

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