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Grad Programs to Love

Herein lies the info on good grad programs - the ones in which students thrive and land jobs afterwards. Post your good experiences here!

Please use the following format: Name of university - Program - Degree - Dates in program - Experiences

Ex. X University - Chemistry - MS - 2001-2003 - Etc.

I would also appreciate it if you could try to keep the university names in alphabetical order, and also bold the names of the universities. If this progresses to a full wiki, we can put each program (biology, engineering, history, etc.) on its own page. Thanks!

Tufts - History - MA - 2007 - Accepted but did not attended for financial reasons. However, this uni was amazing to deal with. All paperwork, etc. was spot on time and accurate. Nothing was ever lost. People were friendly and returned emails promptly, even the prof who was on sabbatical. Bent over backwards to try and get me extra funding with a TAship (and did). I really wish I could have attended, but the budget (federal aid, so out of the uni's hands) would not grant me the loans needed to live there and support my family.

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