This is a result of boredom. Please find Grade 9 Learning Stuff here. So if you're like "jeepers" I don't know how to do that then you should come here to ease your troubled mind. Or if you are bored or extremely boastful then you can put stuff here.

Please Note


This information may be completely, partially or not at all incorrect. The incorrectness of the article may, in fact, be incorrect. But it may be correct. I hope you understand or maybe not.


If you contribute, substantially, then a cookie is in order. This cookie is virtual. Please take note that a virtual cookie has fewer calories.

Please, for the time being, just add information to the subject page. Do not create new pages as it can get complicated on Wikia. Just write.


Please put all content in the correct format. If you are unsure of the format then go to Wikipedia because they are very good at helping needy contributors and provide sandboxes in which you can play in and get sand in your toes which is the most satisfying.

A Note About Editing Someone's Work

Since this is humour based, many people like their humour and do not want it edited. Spelling corrections are nice. Organization edits are promoted if they do not alter the flow of the article and aid the understanding of the topic.

Basically, avoid editing humorous edits. Make your own.


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