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Graduate Programs

Given the useful nature of the academic job search wiki and the "Universities to Love/Hate" wikis, I thought we could use a wiki on graduate programs. Most of us would love to know about the culture of a department (before we're stuck with it!), so under "Programs to Love" and Programs to Hate" (credit to the job search wikis!), please list the University, department, degree (MA, MS, PhD, MFA, JD, etc.), the date (make sure that you list the date of your experiences, not just posting!), and then tell of your experience.

Under "Application Process," please tell of interviews, acceptance letters, rejection letters, and other pertinent information. Give the name of the university, program, degree, date, and then describe the contact.

Of course, please try to be specific ("This program sucks!" is not as useful as "Many people fail their defenses," for example) and honest. Try not to exaggerate. And it should go without saying that everyone should be respectful of other posters. Content that consists of personal attacks will be removed.

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