This Is the dossier of the Grand Admiral It is being assembled by his personal AI Eric.

  • Appearance
  • personality
  • Tactics/ships
  • Advisers
  • Allies
  • Early life


Most often when the Grand admiral appears he will be wearing his crimson Grand Admiral's uniform That is said to be made Out of a special fiber unknown of composition. Under this he wears a coat of mithril mail.

Although most tend to dispute the race of the grand admiral all sources indicate since his death at the hands of a sith lord (DORO) he is Half-elven. And is at the age of 11,491.


The Grand Admiral while brilliant on a scale rivaling Thrawn. Is quick to anger and has no patience for politics or diplomacy. Much to the dismay of S-T-N. Even though he is not a fan of politics Grand Admiral Roach Hold the chair for the planets of Trandosha Arda and Kashyyyk in the Republic senate. Also It is quite apparent that roach is a patriot he loves his republic and seeks to protect it.

He has often had squabbles with the Nameless Sith lord. Roach does not trust nor like him in fact he wishes him removed from the Republic completely .

Roach is also one of the Brotherhood Of Nod's Strongest supporters and has indeed had his DNA altered by tiberium.

Republic Support

One of the republics strongest supporters The grand admiral has always been the Sword arm of the republic his fleet is in most cases the first to fight. Thanks to the Grand Admiral's compassion and pity He is very merciful although in battle he seem full of malice and ruthlessness. Roach allows Kratas to command most of his ground battles. Also Roach has been known to give speeches on planets in the human colonies and on corellia Roach in his charismatic ways has brought thousands if not millions of troops to the Republic.

Ships and Tactics

The creator of Some of the most powerful and modern ships in The Republic Navy. His favorite ship of his own creation is The VSD MK.X and most of the ships used by the Admiral have designs that are combined with many different races and out looks In example the engines of VSD MK.X have the speed and Power Of Corellian design combined with the craftiness of the elves make any of the admirals ships a very formidable opponent.

As For tactics The admiral Employs full frontal assaults with tight maneuvering and formations to break his enemies lines and force an opening for his ships. He has always preferred ship to ship combat and has little patience for stealth and cowardice. Known for useing close quarters assaaust in a dring manner. He is a fan of the Mon Clalmari Ships as well as Bothan assault Cruiser.


The Panel of admirals and elven lords help in dear friendship and council to The Grand Admiral. Kane, Lord Elrond, General Brusilov , Lord Glorfindel.


Grand Admiral only currently is allied with Kaiser Bob personally.

Early life

Born on Arda he was a brilliant child he later became a jedi sooon rising to the Rank of master. He fell to the dark side 9000 years ago and brought the republic to its knees.


During the Scrin's assault of Trandosha Roach Sacrificed himself and his ship to save the NOD Ancient Scrin ship.

Reemergence And Resignation

As the impostor Kane was about to tear the republic apart roach came back and shot him in the head with an ak-47. After a series of battles between the Republic and the brotherhood of Makuta Roach began to tire of war And after a battle on arda for minas tirith he missed His own husmands birth day. This driving Roach into a deep depression made roach Resighn. After his resignition he named Grand Admiral Pellaeon. After pelleon Lost 10,00 ships at Hapes roach Came back former rank restored he rebuilt his fleet and is currently prearing for all out war with the scrin.

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