A trade, materiel and information embargo implemented by the Grand Alliance (United States of the Americas (USTA), European Federation, Japanese-Korean Economic Union (JKEU), and the South Asian Confederation) against the nation states of Africa and the Middle East. These nations were the last outpost of terrorism and extremist beliefs. The Great Blockade was the consolidated nations’ response to the nuclear exchange between the Islamic extremists of South Africa and ultra-orthodox militants of Israel that resulted in the incineration of Jerusalem and Pretoria in September, 2139 CE. The blockade was initiated during March, 2141 CE and continued in place until November, 2144 CE. Historians and economists continue to debate the efficacy of the blockade. Some argue that the deciding factor was the threat of systematic nuclear destruction and the irradication of fundamental beliefs (See – Zulu Hour Ultimatum). The embargo was officially lifted in December, 2144 CE.

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