The constitutional convention where members of each of the nationalities of the old United Nations and representatives of the governments of the United States of the Americas, the European Federation, the South Asian Confederation, the Japanese-Korean Economic Union, the African Union, and the Federation of Ancient Peoples met to formulate the constitution for the first global government. Proposed by Secretary General Sanchez y Aragon (former President of the USTA) as the first of the Five Pillars of Hope, the convention took as its template the Constitution of the USTA. The completed draft constitution was presented to the Unity Council in 2242 CE. The Council called for the constitution to be debated at all levels of government and society, and set November 6, 2244 CE as a global election or plebiscite. The Constitution was adopted by an overwhelming majority of the population of Earth, and on June 26, 2245 CE, the tercentennial of the First UN Charter, the United Nations was reborn as a global central government.

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