Recent Losses -- Steam Locomotives Scrapped Since 1959 - Grand Trunk Western 4-6-2 -5629

Grand Trunk Western 5629 was a steam locomotive. The locomotive worked on the GTW until it was retired in the late 1950's. It was later bought by Richard Jensen and was used for several excursions and it even pulled the Schlitz Circus Train in Wisconsin. However, Jensen ran into financial troubles and stored the locomotie on Rock Island trackage in Chicago. When Metra took over the trackage, it wanted 5629 removed and moved to the Iowa Interstate railroad, however, they refused to lend Jensen any help. After several failed attempts to move the locomotive, Metra decided to just scrap the locomotive where she stood, going through a fate it would've suffered in the 1960's, had Jensen not intervene to save it. However, there are still four Grand Trunk Pacifics left, so the spirit of 5629 isn't forgotten.