Grandpa Theodore Hector is an Protagonist of "Ding Don"

Bio (Do not Delete, But you Can Add)

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Used Square Exercises Machine
  • Faction: Good or Evil
  • Friends: Doki (formerly), Crash Bandicoot, Bozer, Roary the Racin car (Formerly), B1 & B2, and others
  • Rivals: Takua, Coco, Kazooie, Banjo
  • Enemies: Fetus (formerly), Dr Cortex, Roary the Racing Car (Arch-Enemy) and others
  • Very Worst Enemies: Doki & Doki's Friends

Counterparts (Ding Don Version) (World of Doki Version) (Male Version) (Hero/Villain Version) (Do Not delete, But you Can Add)

Counterparts (WarioWare (T,J&H Version) Version)

Counterparts (Takua, Jaller & Hahli Productions Version)

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