• Mickey Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Thomas
  • Piglet (from Winnie the Pooh) as Percy
  • Merlin (from The Sword in the Stone) as Toby
  • Robin Hood (from Robin Hood) as Duck
  • Doc (From Snow White) as Duke
  • Grumpy (From Dwarf) as Sir Handel/Falcon
  • Happy as Peter Sam/Stuart
  • Mowgil (from The Jungle Book) as Stanley/No.2
  • Iago (from Aladdin) as Smudger
  • Bashful (From Snow White) as Skarloey (Non-speaking Role)
  • Sneezy (From Snow White) as Rheneas (Non-speaking Role)
  • Aqua (from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep) as Albert (Mid-Sodor) (Cameo Role)
  • Jack 6 (from Tekken) as Jerry (Mid-Sodor) (Cameo Role)
  • Gunjack (from Tekken) as Jim (Mid-Sodor) (Cameo Role)
  • Jack 5 (from Tekken) as Tim (Mid-Sodor) (Cameo Role)
  • Axel (from Kingdom Hearts) as Miney the Mines Engine (Cameo Role)
  • Various Passengers as Themselves
  • Various Animators as Various Crews
  • Baloo (From The Jungle Book) as Henry (Cameo Role)
  • Great Prince of Forest (From Bambi) as Gordon (Cameo Role)
  • The Saultan (from Aladdin) as The Thin Controller (Mentioned)

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