Granpuff is the first story segment of the first episode from the fourth season of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. This episode would have first aired in May 1994 in the UK and April 1995 in the US.


Once upon a time three little engines lived in their own little shed on their own little railway. Duke was brown Falcon blue and Stuart green. Duke was the oldest and had been the first engine on the line and named after the Duke of Sodor and kept the others in order. When ever the others did anything they shouldn't he would say, "That would never suit his Grace".

Duke is wise, but Falcon and Stuart are young and cheeky and often make fun of "Granpuff", as Duke is affectionately known, until Duke tells them the story of a reckless engine named Smudger, who was rough and often derailed and was punished by being turned into a pumping engine. The three have many adventures together, until their line closes. Falcon and Stuart are purchased and in due course wind up on the Skarloey Railway, but Duke wasn't wanted and was sheltered in the shed. Duke, unaware that the current Duke does not know of his existence and that the old Duke died in the war, goes to sleep.


  • Duke
  • Sir Handel (as Falcon)
  • Peter Sam (as Stuart)
  • Smudger
  • Skarloey (cameo)
  • Rheneas (cameo)


  • Mid Sodor Sheds
  • Mid Sodor
  • Arlesdale
  • Skarloey Railway Engine Sheds (Season 4) (When Falcon and Stuart arrive on the Skarloey Railway)


  • The standard gauge scenes are removed.
  • The mentioning of Falcon and Stuart moving to the Skarloey Railway and the death of Duke's grace are included.
  • The episode mostly uses the same narration dialog and music as the actual TV Series episode but only from the Mid Sodor part due to the Tidmouth Sheds scenes being cut out.
  • While this version is closer to the Railway Series story, Smudger still reprises Stanley's (from Mid Sodor) role.
  • The Mid Sodor episodes would have been filmed before the Skarloey Railway episodes, allowing Falcon and Stuart to have normal nameplates.
  • The sets used for Mid Sodor would have been re-dressed sets from the Skarloey Railway.

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