My experiences about life on the SFSU campus will be redirected to the BECA 670 page. Before graduating in May, I experienced so much life here that I'll remember when I look back at this.

The Cesar Chavez Student Center

The Student Union is the hub of activity and student-life on campus. It consists of the SFSU Bookstore, where students can purchase many things for class and life outside of it. I was able to land a job with the bookstore's shipping department. Even though the job was only temporary, I was able to make as much money as I ever have at $8.82 an hour. The restaurants, such as the pub, and the food court in the basement, as well as the cafe and salad bar give visitors to the student center a bevy of food items to choose from. There are also a few student organization offices for PACE, ASU, KSA, and Palestine students on the second floor. The basement level has a game room full of video games, pinball machines, air hockey and Billiard's tables. Many services are provided for students such as inquiries about events on and off campus, student center and bookstore employment, as well as sales for public transit passes. Most of all the Student Center is also a place for friends to hang out in, whether it's to chill, dine, study their class assignments, or to sleep away their stresses. Most of the time when I'm there, I always find some friends that are there and start chatting with them. When I don't find anybody that I know, I just walk around the place to get my mind off of things. The Cesar Chavez Student Center has given me a lot of good reasons for me to come in and do anything that can make college life more enjoyable.

The Library

SFSU's J. Paul Leonard Library has been a reliable landing pad for me. Most of the time I'm there, it's to use the computer labs (one of which is conveniently open 24/7). I do the usual computer stuff at the labs: homework, typing essays, e-mail, or researching anything that interests me. One purpose for using a computer at the library was to complete the library's OASIS requirement. During my time here, I only checked out a few books for reading and research since research for a few papers are online now. I sometimes go to library just to find a quiet place to study for a quiz or an exam. The library is my second favorite place to go to on campus whenever I'm bored (never mind what my first favorite place is;).

Sometimes, If I'm really bored though, the boredom will follow me like a shadow to the library. Just like that clingy friend that you don't really like, but can't really get rid of. You can't tell him because he is kinda' nice, in a nondescript way. So you let him hang around, till you tell him you have to go study in the library.


If the student center and the library aren't enough, I usually walk around campus to find other life and activity. In the student dorm areas, there are a few additional small restaurants and shops outside the Cesar Chavez Student Center. There is also a small game room with two Billiard's tables, photo booth, and pinball machines. Most of the time I eat at the Subway restaurant near the game room. I'm always buying a favorite sandwich as part of its daily specials. Lately, I've been hanging out at the campus radio station in the Creative Arts building either to lounge there or to get ready for my Friday afternoon radio show as part of BECA 505.

These are just many of the things that I've done here at SFSU for over four years. As I graduate this May, I'll always remember all that I've done here as part of my experiences with college life.

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