Gratius Ordon was a Jedi Master of the Corellian Order. He was born on Corellia, and had lived there his entire life. Gratius was created by Darth Minious, or Alex, who also created Xander Vos.

Early Life

Gratius was an oprhan after his parents were killed in a Mandalorian invasion. Though no one thought anything of it then, this was the battle that would determine whether they would invade the Republic years later.

Life As A Jedi

Gratius trained many Jedi Padawans, although his last and most failed was Alol Enex who went on to become the fearsome Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Minious. Gratius was struck down by Minious several years aft5er finishing Enex's training, having cut it short because of the Galactic Conflict. This was the biggest mistake of his life, but he didn't live to regret it.

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