Twin siblings visit their eccentric uncle in rural Oregon


Version 1

  • Dipper as Trent
  • Mabel as Izzy
  • Soos as Owen
  • Candy as Dawn
  • Grenda as Staci
  • Pacifica as Dakota
  • Lil Gideon as Max
  • Wendy as Gwen
  • Stan as Chef Hatchet
  • Bill Cipher as Alejandro

Version 2 (World Tour Edition)

  • Dipper as Cody
  • Mabel as Sierra
  • Wendy as Heather
  • Tambry as Gwen
  • Robbie as Alejandro
  • Thompson as Owen
  • Lee as Noah
  • Nate as Tyler
  • Pacifica Northwest as Blaineley
  • Gideon Gleeful as Ezekiel
  • Stan Pines as Chris McLean

Version 3 (Pahkitew Island Edition)


The cast of Pahkitew Island in Gravity Falls.

  • Dipper as Samey (both Dipper and Samey are laid-back, mature, and pure-hearted of the twins)
  • Mabel as Amy
  • Soos as Sugar
  • Wendy as Jasmine
  • Robbie as Shawn
  • Tambry as Ella
  • Stan as Chris

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