Gravity Falls Monster Bash (2012)

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Dipper and Mabel screaming in horror
is a halloween special of Gravity Falls. to Premiere creator of Phineas and Ferb Halloween Special.


Dipper and Mabel are going to Trick-or-Treating, also Father to kidnapped as Dipper and Mabel travels into Nighlok Heaven, to Among the Nighloks seen with meeting Pines, including one of Rita's Halloween Monsters of Two, Tooya, Scorpionic, Rofer, Doublestone, Dreadhead, Negatron, Yamiror, Madimot, Desperaino, Robtish, Vulpes, Steeleto, Antberry, Splitface, Rhinosnorus, Pumpkin Rapper, and Frankenstein Monster. to monsters meet with Dipper & Mabel Pines are gonna have fun in the greatest villains of Disney from to Call 2012 House of Villains Halloween Night. to meet as Disney Villains, to meeting of Gravity Falls Villains are like as Gideon and Pacifica. are like child villains to to also including emmy won award goes into cat halloween named...Catnappe from Xiaolin Showdown. to the end party in the Nighlok Heaven, to the rest of monsters & villains to the fight battle with as the two kids from Gravity Falls, As Dipper and Mabel Pines.

Rangerboard DVD Halloween Special of the Three Halloween Episodes of the Samurai Halloween

1.Party Monsters

2.Trick or Treat

3.Life's A Masquerade

The Halloween Monster as...Negatron's Wife Nightmare Evil Negative Samurai Ranger's Face on Dipper and Mabel Pines

Negatron's Evil Negative Samurai Ranger's Face at Dipper & Mabel in Halloween Special (2012) on Party Monsters

Funniest into from like Fake Rangers into Negative Face Samurai Rangers to Kill at Dipper and Mabel frmo Negatron

Negatron's Evil Face Negative Samurai Rangers to Kill & Kill as...Dipper and Mabel!

The Halloween Special...Gravity Falls Halloween Night into Tricking of Ponies chasing as...Dipper and Mabel in Comedy Show of Halloween Night!

Welcome to...Gravity Ponies (2012)

Donkey Kong Halloween Special Presents...Monster Bash (2012)

Donkey Kong Country: Monster Bash (2012)

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