A grand highway leading along the coast of the Inner Sea, from the city of Pest in the north to the city of Oedivetnom[1] on the Heartsea coast in the south (III/map). En route between the latter two cities, the Road passes through, in order, the cities of Segesvar, Serakub and Antiochis and the towns of Pokeel and Mytilene (III/map).[2]. These cities of the Inner Sea provide many mercenaries that do battle in foreign wars (DM3/0). When the Road passes through Mytilene, it is described as ‘rough-paved’. It crosses a winding, blue river by large, arcing, packhorse bridge to the city gates (F4/2, F4/12, F4/55, F4/74, F4/132).


  1. Here we have another backwards city name, this time Montevideo (the capital city of Uruguay)! I suggest a pronunciation with a silent d and a silent t resembling something like ‘Ovinom’.
  2. Refer to the individual city entries for more details.

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