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Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach/Snow White

  • Sky Drop as Snow White
  • Dodgems as Doc
  • Disko as Dopey
  • Log Flume as Grumpy
  • Gallopers as Happy
  • Snail and Fairy Tales as Sneezy
  • Monorail as Sleepy
  • Evolution as Bashful
  • Roller Coaster as The Prince
  • Outrage as The Evil Queen
  • Funhouse as The Magic Mirror
  • Move It as The Huntman
  • Mulan as The Witch

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach/Pinocchio

  • Drag Cars as Pinocchio
  • 4D Cinema as Geppetto
  • Roller Coaster as Jiminy Cricket
  • Funhouse as Figero
  • Yo-Yo as Cleo
  • Sky Drop as The Blue Fairy
  • Disko as Honest John
  • Evolution as Gideon
  • Hauntel Hotel as Stromboli
  • Moon Base Alpha as Coachman
  • Big Apple as Lampwick
  • Log Flume as Donkeys
  • Snail and Fairy Tales as Lampwick the Donkey
  • Tube Slide as Monstro the Whale

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach/Dumbo

  • Yo-Yo as Dumbo
  • Roller Coaster as Timonty Mouse
  • Hauntel Hotel as The Ringmaster
  • Sky Drop as Ms. Jumbo
  • Snail and Fairy Tales as Casey Jr.
  • Disko, Evolution, Mulan and Safari Train as Elephants

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach/Bambi

  • Roller Coaster as Bambi
  • Snail and Fairy Tales as Thumper
  • Sky Drop as Flower

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach/Cinderella

  • Sky Drop as Cinderella
  • Roller Coaster as Prince Chaming
  • Bonanza Horses as Jaq
  • Drag Cars as Gus
  • Hauntel Hotel as Lucifer
  • Funhouse as Bruno
  • Gallopers as The King
  • Monorail as The Grand Duke
  • Mulan as The Fairy Godmother
  • Outrage as Lady Tremanie
  • Cup and Saucers as Anastasia
  • Evolution as Drizella

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach/Alice in Wonderland

  • Sky Drop as Alice
  • Evolution as Alice's Sister
  • Funhouse as Dinah
  • Big Apple as White Rabbit
  • Pirate Ship as Doorknob
  • Gallopers as Dodo
  • Drag Cars and Go Kart as Tweedledum and Tweedledee
  • Log Flume as Walrus
  • Bonanza Horses as Carpenter
  • Monorail as Bill the Lizard
  • Mulan as The Rose
  • Tube Slide as Caterpiller
  • Move It as Bird on the Tree
  • Hauntel Hotel as Cheshire Cat
  • Roller Coaster as Mad Hatter
  • Snail and Fairy Tales as March Hare
  • Twister as Dormouse
  • Outrage as Queen of Hearts
  • Orbiter as King of Hearts

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