Greatest Compilation Showcase is a Fan-Fiction DVD released exclusively to NCH 2016.


  1. Noddy's Toyland Adventures: Noddy and the Special Key
  2. CareBears: The Gift of Caring
  3. Brum and the Big Chase
  4. The Simpsons: Girly Edition
  5. William's Wish Wellingtons: William to the Rescue
  6. Fireman Sam: A Spot of Bother
  7. Rosie And Jim: Pony Riding
  8. Postman Pat's Birthday
  9. Fun Song Factory: Party Time
  10. Alvin And the Chimpunks: Angelic Alvin
  11. Futurama: Roswell that Ends Well
  12. Garfield And Friends: Box o Fun
  13. SpongeBob Squarepants: Patty Hype
  14. Superted and the Stolen Rocket
  15. The Wiggles: Wiggle Opera
  16. The Adventures of Spot: Spot Makes A Cake
  17. Rugrats: Piggy's Pizza Palace
  18. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?: Jeepers, it's the Creeper
  19. Paddington Goes Underground
  20. Hey Arnold: Buses, Bikes and Subways
  21. Sooty's Amazing Adventures: Scampi and the Computer Chips
  22. Arthur makes a Movie
  23. Thomas And Friends Season 4: Henry And The Elephant
  24. Charlie Chalk: Arnold's Night Out
  25. Tots TV: Fox
  26. Pingu Builds An Igloo